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MINDify® Health is pioneering Mental Health in Women. We are specialists in providing Mental Wellness and Psychological care interventions by team of qualified and experienced psychologists. We have innovated India’s first Multilingual, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Platform for Women.Our treatments include customized therapies supported by different mind tools, positive psychology, psychoeducation, mindful awareness, guided meditation, motivational training and nutritional psychiatry to impact the mental, emotional, cognitive and behavioral well-being of women customers or patients.

Our programs have been scripted and facilitated by psychologists, mental health professionals and behavioral consultants trained to care for distinctly female mental health concerns and anxieties. We know how women’s physiology can affect their immune and cognitive function and their moods as well, besides the socio-cultural factors which also may contribute to their mental and emotional wellbeing. These inputs have helped develop the different programs and treatments which offers a holistic, relaxing and energizing experience to help women navigate through challenges and mental health conditions, the cause of which could be unique to them. The MH Team feels passionately about the limitless potential of the brain; and is committed to providing a positive impact of a multi-dimensional, Integrated technology approach backed with therapeutic interventions.

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