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MINDIFY HEALTH brings to you, India’s first multilingual, women focused Mental and Emotional Wellbeing App. This app is facilitated by psychologists, wellness experts, medical professionals and behavioral consultants trained to care for distinctlyfemale mental health concerns and anxieties. We all know how a woman’s hormonal state can affect their immune and cognitive function and their moods as well, besides the socio-cultural factors contributing to their mental and emotional wellbeing. These inputs have helped develop the App which offers a holistic, relaxing and energizing experience to help women navigate through life’s challenges unique to them.

MINDIFY helps train the mind, be it for one stepping into womanhood or hoping to be mother, an expecting mom, a new mother or one who is just trying to create the right balance as a wife, mother, home-manager, daughter, care giver and office worker. It also offers psycho-educational counseling on mental health to help them navigate through various life transitions they face be it as a stay-at-home or working woman.

MINDIFY can work closely to help women navigate any complex, emotionally difficult, period they may face. It can help them cope up with various physical demands, discomforts, stress, anxiety and ongoing rollercoaster of hopes and disappointments across different life stages. The coping strategies enable an increased sense of control, and reduced stress. It also provides for relaxation training, emotional support, modifying expectations of oneself and others which can all help manage the difficulties associated with their mood swings and anxieties, monthly cycles, conception, motherhood, managing relationships and improving self-esteem. The App offers a multidimensional behavioral health support using multi-lingual Mind tools, Positive Therapy Podcasts, Motivational tips, Inputs based on Nutritional Psychiatry supported by Virtual Counseling (optional) which can be taken as per need and convenience anytime, anywhere. These tools can also help women understand their feelings, reframe their expectations, elicit resources and support as needed, and thus prepare them for any change. It can help normalize the negative feelings and offer practical ways to achieve sufficient sleep and thus also attend to self-care they richly deserve.

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