We are making tremendous progress having worked, agreed to work, or currently working with various Medical/Healthcare and Corporate Partners. A Partial List of which is given below:

  • Dr Rohit Garg       - Dr K. Ghosh       - Dr Dutta
  • Dr S. Nasker         - Dr Urmila K       - Mindvriksh
  • Dr A. Mukherjee    - Dr Sourav A     - Dr Pallavi R
  • Dr S. Anand     - Dr M Chaudhary     - Dr Pubali C
  • Dr D. Mukherjee     - Dr S. Sharma     - Dr M.K jain
  • DVM         - Caparo          - R P Specialties
  • PCE Ltd         - Kundan Group          - T. International
  • We are always looking forward to forming long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with Doctors, Psychiatrists and Corporates. Interested parties can write to us at