Family Caregiver Support

Providing care and support to someone with a mental illness can be a daunting task. The often unpredictable and lengthy course of mental illness is compounded by stigma and by historical barriers to family involvement in the mental health system. Dealing with mental illness and addiction is difficult for the person diagnosed with the disorder, but it can also be tough for those around them. While it’s absolutely important for the individual to be focused on their recovery, we often don’t think about the impact it can also have on family members and friends. Family caregivers often have to fend for themselves as they try to help their loved ones recover from mental illness and, at the same time, keep themselves afloat. Are you, or is someone you care about, worried about how mental health or addiction issues might affect family members? There are programs and resources available that were created specifically to address the unique concerns of family in such situations. 
The programs are delivered by trained psychologists and are meant for family caregivers of those suffering from any mental health condition as well as addicts. Topics include information on their role, psychoeducation, tips on communication, problem solving, crisis management, relapse prevention, coping strategies, resources supported by selfcare tools.  

  • Program for Family Caregivers of members suffering from any Mental Health Condition
  • Program for Family Caregivers of Addicts