Mental Wellness

Most women have to manage difficulties associated with their hormonal changes, mood swings and anxieties, monthly cycles, conception, motherhood, managing relationships, improving self-esteem apart from work stress. They have to cope with various physical demands, discomforts, stress, and ongoing rollercoaster of hopes and disappointments across different life stages. Seeking counseling for dealing with negative thoughts and emotions can be transformative. We give counselling backed with mental health support and tools for cognitive, behavioral and emotional wellbeing. We help them develop coping strategies which enable an increased sense of control, and reduced stress. We also provide for relaxation training, emotional support, modifying expectations of oneself and others which can all help address various emotional and behavioral issues as given below, in a supportive and professional environment.

  • Mental Health during and Post Pregnancy
  • Managing Mood Swings
  • Coping with Infertility
  • Overcoming General Stress & Anxiety
  • Handling Relationship Issues
  • Developing Self Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Managing Anger or Grief