Program for Family Caregivers of members suffering from any Mental Health Condition

We, understand the mental state of family members and caregivers of people with mental health disorders and addiction. Caring for someone with mental health problems can be a traumatic experience, with challenges like impaired quality of life, loss of productive time, financial stress, and limited time for leisure and socializing. Family Caregiving in India is not a simple experience but a spectrum of emotions and experiences encompassing pain and fulfilment. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend family caregiver support. It helps the family caregiver to:

  • Understand their role as Family caregiver
  • Understand the symptoms and triggers of the person you’re caring for maybe experiencing
  • Educate you and help you learn how to combat stigma
  • Teach you not to take symptoms causing challenging behaviours personally

  • How do we help Family Involvement

    We ask family caregivers to participate during the treatment process of the patient. Knowing the overall direction of the treatment provides a sense of relief to the family caregivers. When families do participate in care, outcomes are better. We value family knowledge and provide explanation about their roles and responsibility and encourage better communication and family involvement.
    Family Caregivers’ Self care
    We appreciate the courage, determination, and patience of family members who have their loved ones go through the mental health condition. Since their role gets very taxing and demanding, they need to take steps to reduce anxiety, improve overall mood. We understand that though Self-care is such an important aspect of life but far too often it gets overlooked by them. We provide the tools for them to relax, improve moods, think positive and sleep better.
    Family Caregiver Therapy
    We invite family members to be a part of the therapy sessions to help them cope with the challenges they face every day. Through these sessions, we intend to provide peace of mind amid the emotional turmoil they are going through. These therapies are not meant to provide any psychiatric help. In fact, we understand the challenges they face and use therapy to help them and even provide emotional support in this difficult period of their lives.
    Psychoeducation for Family caregiver
    The purpose of family psychoeducation is to increase caregiver's knowledge and understanding of illness and treatment. It is a kind of intervention focusing on providing information regarding disease and caregiving as well as some attention to the emotional and psychosocial needs of the family caregivers. This enables them to work together with mental health professionals for a better overall outcome. The key components are education about the illness, information resources, ongoing guidance about managing the behavioral disturbances, problem solving as well as social and emotional support.