As per our promise, we continue to research, discover and apply solutions aiding prevention and treatment of psychological ailments in women. This is backed with strong Research and Development processes well supported by our advisory and team of product associates. Our knowledge centre is one of its offshoots which is designed to share help women by sharing information and knowledge which they will find useful in managing the many challenges they face in life transitions.

  • Importance of maternal mental health.
  • Managing Baby Blues
  • Impact of stress during pregnancy.
  • Anxiety during puberty
  • Managing emotions during IVF or IUI
  • Importance of Family Therapy for Family Caregivers
  • Emerging importance of Women’s Mental health
  • One Minute Therapy Podcast on “ Sadness”
  • One Minute Therapy Podcast on ” Feeling of disappointment”
  • One Minute Therapy Podcast on ” Coping with Failure”
  • One minute therapy Podcast on “ Getting worried quite often”
  • One minute therapy podcast on ” experiencing psychogenic pain”